Widgets and triggers utilize variables of specific types to determine user interaction and application flow. There are three categories of variables in apps:

  1. Primitive - a single value such as integer, text, or user
  2. Custom object - a variable with named attributes, each of which is a primitive
  3. Array - an ordered list in which every item is of the same type. The type can be either a primitive or a custom object.

The primitive variable types in apps:

Variable TypeDescription
Booleana true or false value
Colora value that encodes the standard RGBA standard used in webapps
Numbera numeric value that can have a decimal value
Image URLA string that represents the web address of an image file
IntegerA numeric value that cannot have decimal values.
IntervalA duration in time saved in milliseconds.
TextA string value.
UserA user in the Tulip system. The user model includes custom fields (see 09 People Management)
DatetimeA specific date, time and timezone.
StationA station where an app is used, as determined by the "Stations" page
MachineA Machine that was outputting data as defined on the Machine Details page.

Furthermore, each variable type can also be saved as an array of that type, for example 'Boolean array' or 'Color array'.


QA-T56Variable Widget : 01 - Simple variables in canvas can be changed to compound variables
QA-T57Variable Widget : 02 - Record View: Compound variables can be used with triggers
QA-T157Input Widgets : 01 - Boolean widget
QA-T458Variable modal : 01 - Create and modify a variable
QA-T459Variable modal : 02 - Variables need to have unique names
QA-T460Variable modal : 03 - Managing variables created within the app
QA-T461Variable modal : 04 - Variable's parameters
QA-T462Variable modal : 05 - Managing variables on the modal
QA-T463Variable modal : 06 - Deleting variables
QA-T477Input Widgets : 02 - Text widget
QA-T478Input Widgets : 03 - Number widget
QA-T479Input Widgets : 04 - Single Select widget
QA-T480Input Widgets : 05 - Multiselect widget
QA-T481Input Widgets : 06 - Date picker widget
QA-T482Input Widgets : 07 - Image widget
QA-T513Timer Widget : 02 - Target Time Configuration
QA-T568Dev Mode - Variables and Table Records
QA-T763Input Widgets : 09 - Signature widget


PLAT-8762 (22)Ability to configure collections of user/reason codes to be used for classification of events and data during execution and defined in master data and model elements.
PLAT-8961 (70)Tulip has to display the current batch/lot currently being worked on