Machine Type

A Machine Type is ruleset used to define the behavior of a Machine. Which includes a collection of Machine States, Attributes, Downtime Reasons, Activity Columns and Triggers. A Machine Type can be associated with zero, one or many Machines. This allows for the logic of a machine to be managed in a central location instead of for every machine independently. Assigning a Machine Type to a Machine will dictate the logic that is used to populate the Machine Activity for that Machine. A Machine Type cannot be deleted when used by a Machine. A Machine Type cannot be restored after it has been deleted.


IDAuto-generated and unique Id for the Type
NameUser defined name for the Type
Machine StatesCollection of Machine States, user configurable
Machine Downtime ReasonsCollection of Downtime Reasons, user configurable
Machine AttributesCollection of Attributes, user configurable
Machine Activity FieldsCollection of Machine Activity Fields, includes defaults that cannot be configured by the user and custom fields that are configurable by the user.
Machine TriggersCollection of Machine Triggers, user configurable


QA-T256Machine Monitoring : 04 - Machine Type
QA-T390Machine Monitoring : 05 - Machine Type Management
QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted


PLAT-8918 (162)The equipment model should have definition of equipment classes and equipment groups.
PLAT-8922 (160)Support equipment model definition using hierarchies and equipment classes