Machine States


This page allows users to view a list of all Machine States; view, edit details or delete a single state; or view a list of Machine Types where used.

Model/Page Connections

Machine States


  • A user can create a Machine State by clicking Create Machine State from the header.


  • A user can edit the fields of a Machine State by clicking Edit {State name} from the "..." menu.


  • A user can view a State's name, uptime flag and default status
  • A user can view a list of Machine Types where the state is used and can click the type name to go to the Machine Type Details page for that type.
  • A user can search or filter from the header by name or machine type respectively.


  • A user can delete the Machine State from the "..." menu.


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User Permissions

Creating, editing or deleting on this page may be restricted by the users role. Running, Stopped and Idle states are provided by default and are not editable by the user.


QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted
QA-T657Workspaces : 09 - Machine Types are shared between workspaces
QA-T744Workspaces : 09 - News feed between workspaces


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