Workspaces : 09 - News feed between workspaces

The objective is to verify that logged activities show up in the news feed according to the workspace set in the background page.
If the page is not connected to a workspace (e.g. "My Profile" page) then all activities show across all workspaces, ordered by date of modification.
The /activity-history page however is workspace affected so only those data show up that are corresponding to the chosen workspace.
This test case should be executed after QA-T256 (2.0) with the enabled workspaces feature flag.
At least three workspaces need to exist.

This tests expects the following to be true:
  1. You are able to log into
  2. You have access to the Tulip 1password account
  3. You have basic understanding of Tulip terminology
  4. You are starting from
  5. "workspaces" FeatureFlag must be switched on
If you are doing this QA not on you will need to have different credentials and change all base urls
To https://<your instance>