Tulip Workspaces is a set of features that allow for management of users and resources within your Tulip account. A workspace is a partition within a Tulip Account with resources (e.g. Apps) that are independent from other workspaces within the account. A user can be provided access to a workspace by an Account or Workspace Owner. Some resources (e.g. Connectors) are available for all workspaces in an account for easier centralized management.

These features are available for Enterprise plans and are controlled by a feature flag that is 'off' by default.


Routes Affected by Workspaces

With workspaces enabled some routes will be adjusted for content that is workspace specific. Workspace specific routes will be preceded with w/{workspace_Id}/, where workspace_id is a sequential number starting at 1 (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.). For example, the route for App Group will be adjusted from /group/{groupID} to w/{workspace Id}/group/{groupID}. This means that each Workspace in an account can have an independent App Group from other Workspaces. Routes where this pattern applies are listed below. Resources that follow this pattern and are shared across an account are indicated by (Account Level).

Routes Unaffected by Workspaces

Some resources for an account are shared across all Workspaces and the routes are therefore unaffected. Routes following this pattern are listed below:

User Permissions

Account and Workspace owner roles are able to view and modify settings for the Account and Workspace, respectively. These roles are also able to manage content and users to control who can access different types of content.


No requirements