Tulip Tables are database tables that can be used in apps to provide real-time synchronized access to records. Changes to records through apps, the Table Editor, or any other interface are immediately propagated to all connected clients.

The Tables Page allows users to view all tables, as well as create and deactivate tables.

Model/Page Connections

Tulip Table


  • A user can create a new table by pressing the “Create Table” button in the top right of the screen.


  • A user can view the list of all active tables via the list in the middle of the screen.
  • A user can view and restore all deactivated tables by clicking the “View Deleted Tables” menu option in the “...” menu in the top right of the screen


  • A user can deactivate a table by pressing the “trash” icon next to any table on the screen.


This page can be accessed from the following pages:

User Permissions

Any user with table “view” permissions can view a list of all tables.

Any user with table “create” permissions can create a new table.


QA-T80Table Management : 01 - Create a table
QA-T81Table Management : 02 - Delete a table
QA-T82Table Management : 03 - Restore a deleted table
QA-T396Widgets - Digital History Record Widget


No requirements