Widgets - Digital History Record Widget

Verify that the DHR Widget can perform the following functions:
  • Appear on the step when added
  • Display the changes to a record that is loaded into it's associated placeholder
  • Can enable printing and print the DHR

And by extension verify the following URSs:
  • 244 - Ability to view and print a version of App that define a specific Master Batch Record (MBR) or Master Device Record (MDR). The report shall contain all steps, procedures, parameters, input materials, output materials, calculations, labels and annotations.
  • 814 - Ability to view, display and and print accurate and complete records, including any attachments, electronic signatures and their associated audit trails.
  • 847 - Ability to view complete history record for material item production (Digital History Record).
  • 848 - The ability to discern invalid or altered records. Ability to annotate data is changed. For GMP or critical data changes annotation can be configured as required.
  • 855 - For records supporting batch release it should be possible to generate printouts indicating if any of the data has been changed since the original entry.
  1. User has access to login credentials to the qa instance
  2. An app and table have already been created for the user to add the DHR widget to
  3. The feature flags "tableAuditLog" and "DHR" are both checked on /_admin/featureFlags