Display Devices


The Display Devices page allows Tulip users to see the registration status and offline/online presence of every Display Device. Users can obtain shareable registration links used to register Display Devices without an Administrator present, and can bulk create new Devices.

Additionally, users can view Display Device associations to both Stations and Station groups, and make bulk assignments at creation time.

The Display Devices page also includes tools for exporting a CSV file containing the Display Devices registration links and all other Display Device status and assignment information.

Model/Page Connections

Edge Device

Display Device

Create Display Devices A single new device can be created by clicking the Create Display Device button, or optionally, multiple Display Devices can be created at once.

Search Search results will be returned matching any Display Device, Station, Station Group, or Display Device Identifier.

Filter Users can filter search results based on a variety of parameters to make it easy to identify relevant groups of stations.

Download Filtered search results can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Status Indicates whether a Display Device has been registered or not and when it was last seen online.


Stations Page

User Permissions

A user with “view” permissions can view all assets on the page. They cannot access any of the “Edit” menus. They also cannot view the Registration information associated with the Display Devices.

A user with “create”, “edit" and “delete” permissions for the Station model can create, delete and edit all Models described above.


QA-T534Display Devices Page : 05 - Shareable Link
QA-T757Display Devices Page : 01 - Creating devices
QA-T758Display Devices Page : 01 / Device creation form validations
QA-T759Display Devices Page : 02 - Managing devices
QA-T760Display Devices Page : 03 - Bulk creation and pagination
QA-T761Display Devices Page : 03 / Bulk creation form validations
QA-T762Display Devices Page : 04 - Removing devices
QA-T837Display Devices Page : 06 - Shareable Link - One time use
QA-T838Display Devices Page : 07 - Shareable Link - Reusable Links


PLAT-8989 (PLAT-8989)Display Device authorization can be managed centrally with the ability to create multiple devices at once