Bug Fixes

This page provides a list of merged bug fixes for the LTS8 release. Bug fixes from prior releases are not shown.

Unique ID: The ID provides a unique reference to the functionality that was merged into the product. The format was changed to ABC-1234 in LTS7 to directly link the numbering from the tickets used internally for development. The prior ID is maintained as a cross reference in LTS7 and will be removed in LTS8.

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. I.E. r199

Fix Notes: A brief description of the issue that was fixed.

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the bug fix may have impacted. In many cases, Product Specs will not be impacted by bug fixes based on their scope or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

Unique IDReleaseFix NotesImplemented By
PLAT-8435223Fix a bug with loading completions that included certain form inputs
PLAT-9057223In Table widgets used with a variable as a datasource, fix the rendering of timestamp values
PLAT-9251223Fix triggers being lost/removed on the new machine page when one trigger was being updated.
PLAT-9194223Fix http connector function output object array type from adding addition properties
PLAT-9115223Small grammatical fix in the assignCameraConfiguration modal
PLAT-9095223Fix bug where, in a Table aggregations, filtering on a metadata column had no effect
PLAT-9090223Fix bug where, if several aggregations were using the same filters (but apply to different tables), only one of them would be synchronized
PLAT-9084223Improve performance of expression editor and trigger editor (containing expression editors)
PLAT-9028223Fix machine trigger toggle on new machine page
PLAT-9025223Variables that start with capital letters or non-ascii characters are sorted properly in the dev player
PLAT-9013223With new Variable Modal in App Editor, arrays with removed default values are displayed when Filter has 'Value Set' checked
PLAT-8595223Fix copy trigger button from within trigger editor modal
PLAT-8587223Modify some title fonts in the app editor sidebar to make hierarchy clearer
PLAT-8447223New Machine Page loading / performance issue addressed.
PLAT-8384223Fix appcues from breaking
Internal Tools
PLAT-8125223Can scroll in filter, sort, and test tabs rather than the tabs growing unboundly.
PLAT-8119223Fixes a bug where IP Cameras couldn't be created/updated/deleted by roles other than sysadmin. Fixes a UI bug where editing username/password would still show save button as disabled. Fixes a bug where '-' was not accepted in the path url
PLAT-7599223Download dataset doesn't fail on errors in the internal export process (image processing and zipping).
PLAT-6981223Fixed an issue where importing Apps from Tulip Library would encounter a permissions error.
PLAT-9649224Bug fix: fix issue where imported custom widgets could no longer be edited
PLAT-9510224Fixes issue where table aggregation filter by metadata does not work when aggregation run in a trigger
PLAT-9479224Fixed a bug where hiding a table field on the table detail page causes the context pane of the interactive table widget to crash
PLAT-9449224Fix issue where an operator cannot run an app after automatically logged out as an inactive user
PLAT-9370224Fix HTTP connector host functions from embedded object lists inside of other objects
PLAT-9223224Fix row height in variable model when applying filters
PLAT-9216224Allow users to resize columns in table analyses
PLAT-9212224Fix app import/export including custom widgets
PLAT-9204224In in-app analysis filters, for analysis covering several apps, allow to pick fields from all relevant apps
PLAT-9179224Searching throughout the App should now support CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) characters.
PLAT-8613224Fix not being able to delete connector hosts through the _admin page
PLAT-8142224Fix expression editor tooltips not displaying on Safari
PLAT-7935224Support variables and table placeholders as datasources in Image and Video widgets
PLAT-5956224Fix bug where, in the in-app filters summary for an analysis widgets, stations appeared as "Unnamed Station"
PLAT-10087225Fix bug preventing users from making an expression on the X axis in an Analysis
PLAT-10021225Fixed App Editor Analytics Widget bug: the Analytics Picker modal works for both workspaces enabled and disabled.
PLAT-9941225Fix an issue with image widgets not opening in fullscreen
PLAT-9909225Added X axis time scale option to app and machine analyses.
PLAT-9907225Fix import/export bug with custom widgets
PLAT-9793225Display Devices Page: Fix pagination footer breaking page layout.
PLAT-9755225Fix a bug where Unique Values Table Aggregations were not working with Table Queries sorted on metadata fields.
PLAT-9749225Fix yellow icons showing up for missing translations
PLAT-9653225Fix expression editor not always showing function information panel.
PLAT-9609225Remove yellow "(i)" icons in player when missing translations with the Custom Translation feature
PLAT-9573225Fix for bug causing Stations to go missing when moved between Station Groups with an active station name filter in the Stations page
PLAT-9468225Fix issue where the Working Days page stops loading
PLAT-9459225Add step icon works as a link and automatically focuses on the step name
PLAT-9421225Fix "is not in" table filter function with argument is empty
PLAT-9281225Mapping an attribute to an OPC UA tag now does not cause the OPC UA connector to restart
PLAT-9038225Improve the "Default Translation" modal copy for the Custom Language feature
PLAT-8725225Boolean values from OPC UA tags are now not converted from true/false to 1/0 on the old machines page
PLAT-8448225Fixed an issue where SAML authentication would not always prompt the user for their credentials when using some Identity Providers.
PLAT-8141225In the app completions view, fix the formatting of values form some complex types (array of timestamps and array of objects)
PLAT-7866225Fix of connector headers modal keeping previous state until page refresh
PLAT-7363225Fix scrolling issue with dashboard selection dropdown when there are many dashboards
PLAT-6727225Keyboard shortcuts for various actions in the App Editor are now documented in the relevant menu items.
PLAT-10311226Fix CSV exporting for app and machine analyses created using a table template
PLAT-10155226This fixes the issue where searching on where used column wasn't possible.
PLAT-10126226Fixed an issue to replace the error message with "Connector not in use" if a user is not part of all workspaces.
PLAT-10080226Fixes cypress tests for app creation
PLAT-10065226Fix issue around drag-and-drop with triggers
PLAT-10017226Fix app import failure with "displayPhrases" error
PLAT-9910226Fixes a bug on using the browsers back button while editing headers information for an http connector
PLAT-9876226Fix widget naming when locked bug
PLAT-9853226Refine the custom widgets editor
PLAT-9695226Bugfix changing x-axis labels for time scale to match data point timezone instead of being shown in UTC.
PLAT-9677226Filtered null values from x axis for time series plotting.
PLAT-9646226Fix importing apps with Custom Widgets
PLAT-9601226Fix bug where records could appear on several pages of a Table. This issue tended to happen when tables were sorted by a field that is identical for many records.
PLAT-9518226Only sysadmins are now able to edit serial numbers for the Celos Data source
PLAT-9432226The machine activity fields shown in the machine status widget is now in sync with the order of the machine activity fields editor
PLAT-9215226Improve re-render speed when changing filters for analyses.
PLAT-9042226Allow new e-signature widget to open up in dev mode
PLAT-8166226Change of a confusing message when an operator is assigned
PLAT-8036226Make Tulip account icon more visible in new instances
PLAT-8007226Deprecate the ability to reorder compare by nodes in the LogicEditor in the AnalysisEditor.
PLAT-7422226Fixes an issue where data:image was not a valid format for imageURLs in tables
PLAT-7302226Update UI of the Blink option in the context pane
PLAT-7179226Updates the Font Selector to be a ComboBox (with suggested font sizes in a dropdown)
UX Standards
PLAT-6817226Fixed: When adding a function output from the result, after the testing function, the path was generated wrong, with an unnecessary dot character at the beginning.
PLAT-10272227Fix app start triggers not firing when navigating to app via app URL parameter query during initial setup
PLAT-10256227Multiple dots are removed from the function output's name protecting the connector on the frontend
PLAT-10233227Fixed a bug that could occur where items could become out-of-order when rapidly dragging an item in a larger list.
PLAT-10219227Player: Internal dev env fixes. Not customer facing.
PLAT-10185227Fix issue where the Base Layout is broken in multilingual apps
PLAT-10154227Only apps with WS permission is navigable
PLAT-10150227The DHR Widget now can be precisely positioned using the Positioning Tool in the Context Pane.
PLAT-10149227Fixed a bug where adding a labelled widget in the non-default language popped up a modal, but the modal didn't actually affect the new widget. This will help ensure customers can be confident that the original/default language will always have a value for every widget.
PLAT-10143227Display Devices Page: Fix broken "Download as CSV" button in Display Devices Page.
PLAT-10130227Fixed a bug where Machine Properties with a subtype wasn't showing the more specific name.
PLAT-10125227Improved performance of query that is being used for the connectors and connector functions where used column.
PLAT-10109227Sort apps alphabetically in the where used column for the connectors page and connector functions page.
PLAT-10096227Fix precision of float fields in table analyses
PLAT-10074227Fixes a visual overflow with the signature widget after signing
PLAT-10069227Connector functions used to show the same app multiple times under the where used column in the connector functions page. Now they show each app only once.
PLAT-10047227Make Tulip API and Vision visible as datasources in the Data Sources tab
PLAT-9998227In the app completions view, fix the formatting of values form objects containing arrays.
PLAT-9727227Fix flashing when completing an app or saving all data
PLAT-9602227Display Device Registration: Handle edge case when using a display device registration link when already logged into the admin interface.
PLAT-9522227Barcode Scanner widget can now swap between all cameras on your device. This allows devices such as phones to scan barcodes; previously the wide lens camera was too wide to scan barcodes.
PLAT-9442227Fix expressions using DATETIMETOTEXT not sorting by date correctly
PLAT-9094227Resets the page number on filter change or other major changes
PLAT-8606227Connector functions: Allow users to create new parameter for connector functions by hitting ENTER key if cursor is in the name field. Additionally, layout fixed for parameter list.
PLAT-8225227Displays timestamps in the Machine Status widget in the client's local timezone, instead of UTC.
PLAT-7808227Fix some display issues in the app table query summary modal
PLAT-7628227If a machine type is used by a machine on any workspace, the machine type cannot be deleted
PLAT-7270227Improve the icon for steps
PLAT-4925227Fix datetime input incorrectly placing date selector in the dev player
PLAT-10613228Fixing a bug in vision resource assignment when unexpected device is connected to Player PC.
PLAT-10488228Prevents the Tables page from being blocked from loading by a slow usage query
PLAT-10477228Format boolean values as 'true' of 'false' in machine attributes CSV export.
PLAT-10476228In machine attributes export, ensure only data from the current workspace are exported.
PLAT-10436228Fix signature widget not opening variable selector
PLAT-10432228Fix issue where the Record History Widget wasn't showing up when the fasterCompletionQuery flag is activated
PLAT-10426228Fixed an issue where users who were deactivated and then reactivated would be unable to edit some apps.
PLAT-10390228Fix bug preventing the app table query summary modal to open in some cases.
PLAT-10372228Fix issue around inactive "Sign" button on the new e-signature widget for SAML customers
PLAT-10369228Fix printing when player size changes
PLAT-10360228Fix control charts being rendered properly in the Analysis picker modal
PLAT-10255228Fix issue around the new e-signature widget not checking for Signee restrictions
PLAT-10247228Fix CELOS X message routing
PLAT-10189228Fix issue with App Editor context pane combo box where the focus remains on the input field
PLAT-9600228Preventing a DOMException from happening initially caused by using multiple frameworks for rendering/cleaning up.
PLAT-7448228Fix bug with cancel button on comment page, the comment modal should now be cancel-able.
UX Standards
PLAT-11041229Fix completions analysis to work with the fields user, station, shift.
PLAT-11026229Fix bug that prevented administrators from creating Connectors
PLAT-10971229Fix bug around widgets being created with the same name
PLAT-10938229Changes analysis admin view to show parameterized query.
PLAT-10845229Change color of E-Signature "Meaning" text to improve visibility
PLAT-10839229Revert disabling the legend in charts
PLAT-10804229Internal Tool: Fixed a bug where migrating apps across workspaces was only migrating the development version and not published versions. This was causing bad behavior such as not being able to run published versions of the app or restore published versions of the app.
PLAT-10785229Fix issue where the e-signature widget ignores the user dropdown in Dev Mode
PLAT-10771229Fix pages with search bar compressing other components (ie buttons)
PLAT-10769229Fix the sizing underneath logs in the Custom Widgets editor
PLAT-10714229The showAllOpcuaNodes feature flag is now available for the new machines page.
PLAT-10605229Removes the zoom from pareto charts' percentage line.
PLAT-10469229Fix Cmd/Ctrl + Shift click to deselect an object from a group of widgets
PLAT-10466229Bump the used version of plotly.js to fix "Maximum call stack size exceeded" errors shown for some analytics.
PLAT-10314229Popup components now have a timeout property that can be set to add timeout before the popup UI disappears to ease navigation
PLAT-10283229Fixes approval modal, so pressing the enter key now will submit
PLAT-10198229Non-numeric values for histogram now considered a configuration error.
PLAT-10088229Add more descriptive error message when user tries to input duplicate serial number for Celos X machine.
PLAT-9818229Fix app cancelled triggers not firing when manually changing apps
PLAT-7113229Prevent users from inputting dollar ($) and dot (.) characters for connector function input and output names.
PLAT-11725230Fix an issue with the retention pricing filter on analytics not being applied correctly
PLAT-11710230Fixed an issue where the login tracker used for uptime reporting was unable to log in even when the site was available.
Internal Tools
PLAT-11654230Fix a bug that prevented the creation of app analyses
PLAT-11546230Fix issue where switching Windows Users under Single Install carries over the Tulip Operator
PLAT-11490230Fix issue preventing users from logging into the QA-SAML instance via SAML on Player
PLAT-11458230Fix issue where a Player is unable to log in after saved credentials become invalid
PLAT-11429230Analytics Editor: Control Chart layer queries run again if a parameter changes
PLAT-11319230Fix machine output change trigger not firing when an attribute or state changes
PLAT-11312230Fix issue where Properties or Events are not duplicated in the Custom Widget editor
PLAT-11283230Analytics Editor: Fix the line chart to work properly with null values
PLAT-11218230Analytics Editor: Show the Layer options only for Table Analysis.
PLAT-11131230Fix a bug where assets associated with static image and video widgets were not being included in the app export
PLAT-11101230HTTP connector function's JSON body cannot contain dot (.) or dollar ($) characters to prevent factory failures.
PLAT-11065230Fix issue where the context page does not update for number widgets
PLAT-11061230Fix issue where some data points in the control chart are connected improperly
PLAT-11010230Fixes a bug where table record links would not render properly after incrementing a different value in the table record.
PLAT-11008230Fix issue with user permissions when moving workspaces
PLAT-11003230Follow-up to a bug fix. Ensures we restore app specific permissions when moving a user back into an old workspace. From a customer perspective, this is most relevant if they move a user out of a workspace and they were the only owner. This gives users a workaround to recover the app without contacting c-team but also without introducing a security vulnerability.
PLAT-10999230Fix scrolling behavior when using the copy trigger action on CELOS X.
PLAT-10987230Fixed a bug where users couldn't add or edit Downtime Reason triggers in app editor
PLAT-10940230Improve handling of OAuth2 authentication failures for connectors
PLAT-10824230Improve performance of persisting and deleting machine attributes
PLAT-10809230Fix App Permission migration as part of workspace resource migration. Previously the user's app specific permissions weren't cleaned up in postgres and they weren't restored either, which meant they couldn't actually edit the apps once the user got migrated.
PLAT-10776230Speed up machine attribute export
PLAT-10751230Improved performance of the trigger modal using User datasource
PLAT-10123230Render Enum items (states of downtime reasons) that have been deleted in the Machine Activity Table
PLAT-9014230Fix issue where Machine Triggers are not firing and returning a broker warning
PLAT-12082231Fix issue where HTTP connectors cannot be edited
PLAT-11879231Fix border width and color for rectangles in the app editor
PLAT-11797231Continue allowing case-insensitive emails to log into Tulip
PLAT-11612231Fixes a minor bug where warning icons were showing for triggers that couldn't be translated (such as showing the customer's name in a toast)
PLAT-11516231Improve performance of Machine Analyses
PLAT-11473231Update the button styling on the Connector Function Editor page
PLAT-11471231Fixed a bug when deactivating translations if a single trigger had multiple translations. This should make deactivating translations more robust.
PLAT-11445231Fix Copy and Paste for Input Triggers
PLAT-11431231Prevent signature widgets from being duplicated in new steps tab context menu
PLAT-11361231Factory: Fix for SAML login popup transiently failing on Android Player.
PLAT-11307231Fix sendMessage and sendError not always working on undefined values
PLAT-11286231Fix Vision custom model storage on Azure
PLAT-11270231For internationalized messages generated server-side, cache the local language used at a specific station for 30 seconds.
PLAT-11264231Fixed a bug where copy pasted triggers shared the same underlying translations, so changes to one would update the other. Obviously this is annoying and unintuitive when copy pasting data within an app.
PLAT-11234231Adjusts the size and margin of center aligned icons on buttons.
PLAT-11230231Wrap text from multiple detectors (e.g. Color + Classifier model) in the live video feed view
PLAT-11180231Fix names missing from user pick in trigger editor
PLAT-11151231Fix UI Bug in Table Aggregation editor
PLAT-11119231Fix search functionality on user picker in the trigger editor
PLAT-10961231Allow to store larger images (>8kB) encoded in base 64 in Tulip Table image fields
PLAT-10345231Account owners will now be able to click on any app from the connectors page regardless of what workspace they are in. Workspace will be switched for them to the workspace of the selected app.
PLAT-9669231Fix devices with no name showing as 'undefined' in the trigger modal event picker
PLAT-9148231Fix duplicating machine type not correctly duplicating triggers properly leaving blank dropdowns
PLAT-7181231Allow users to set the border radius for rectangle objects
UX Standards
PLAT-5563231Fix the expressions editor not always being an allowed trigger option when a DateTime value is required.
PLAT-12807232Fix an issue in DHR where record increments were not properly attributed to the user that did the increment.
PLAT-12742232Fix duplicated widgets causing errors while performing app completions
PLAT-12737232Fix text widget misalignment in Player
PLAT-12529232Fix connector hosts URL encoding input values in the body of a connector host
PLAT-12492232Fix a bug with rendering the Activity History for a ConnectorConfigPublishTypeChanged type record.
PLAT-12354232Button Icon Selector properly translates to other languages.
PLAT-12324232Fixes a security bug where revoking a user's role would fail to revoke grants that weren't workspace scoped. (Such as connectors or account settings)
PLAT-12315232Fixes an issue where frontend sorting did not work for timestamp values
PLAT-12314232Fixes an issue where the app editor did not resolve timestamp values properly
PLAT-12306232Fixes an issue where app analyses could not render integers
PLAT-12301232Resolved completions data not being saved if text had null value
PLAT-12281232Publish and Create Snapshot buttons now render correctly on the Versions tab of the App page
PLAT-12255232Consistently generate a label to be shown for station, user, shift
PLAT-12245232Message banner on connector snapshots now complies with design
PLAT-12233232Rename `Resources` to `Records`
PLAT-12230232Fixes an issue where frontend filtering did not work for timestamp values
PLAT-12194232Fixes an issue where the completions query failed when large integers where present in the dataset
PLAT-12189232Fixes a bug that causes edits by Bots to Table Records to sometimes be attributed to other Bots in the DHR widget. Reduces the specificity of historical data that may have been impacted by this issue: if Bot attribution is uncertain, the DHR widget will state that the change was made by "A Bot."
PLAT-12169232Record history widget, wrong 'user ran app' info when eSig is signed by a user different from the one logged into Player
PLAT-12166232Connector warning is now correctly displayed on all tabs of the app page for apps that use non-read-only connectors.
PLAT-12163232Fix filters in Record History widget (note that this bug was never released to customers)
PLAT-12151232Connector warning is now correctly displayed on all tabs of the app page for apps that use non-read-only connectors.
PLAT-12134232Printable from the record history widget in the player should now properly include eSignatures
PLAT-12069232Factory: Fix CELOS machine registration thrashing when locale is changed.
PLAT-12054232Ensures that completions with extremely long text values are stored correctly without impacting analytics performance. Limits the performance impact of very completion text values in analytics by truncating completion strings at 600 characters within Analytics only.
PLAT-11987232Fix bug where inputs tied to table record fields with triggers don't respect the new field value
PLAT-11943232Fix multi selection of widgets not working in base layout
PLAT-11936232Analyses shown outside of the Analytics Editor are restored to show the latest state whilst they are being updated instead of switching to loading state.
PLAT-11916232Factory: Fix for reusable Display Device registration links forcing re-registration on link reuse.
PLAT-11854232Bug fix: fix the firing order of custom widget triggers
PLAT-11819232Fix issue where table analytics show incomplete data
PLAT-11818232Factory: Remove players from the "outputs at" drop down options in device triggers model
PLAT-11815232Fix focus being pulled away from the step tab search bar while actively typing
PLAT-11718232Fix User, Station, Shift fields when used in the "operations" part of table analysis.
PLAT-11673232Fix ShowMessage and ShowError trigger actions sometimes having empty type selectors
PLAT-11651232Fix Out of Memory issue for Connectors
PLAT-11561232Navigating across workspaces works in the connector functions where used
PLAT-11446232Prevent multi-widget resizing to affect base layout widgets
PLAT-11356232Fix instances where switching to/from other types from Interval sets the value as NaN.
PLAT-11352232Fix table "where used" is showing deleted apps
PLAT-11201232Enable storing 64 bits integers in completions data. Before this fix, integers larger than 32 bits (> 2147483647) where not stored in completions.
PLAT-11199232Show a warning upon a failed completion
PLAT-10833232Fixed an issue where the "Forgot my password" feature was not case-insensitive with respect to the email address entered.
PLAT-10655232The test values for the connector function edit page are now cleared when the page is left. Additionally, the handling of empty input values is handled properly when using the string interpolation syntax ($value$).
PLAT-9827232Fix UI issue where the table record display might not be able to be edited
PLAT-9196232Factory: Fix "Forgot Password" link not working from Electron Player app
PLAT-9125232Fix analytic machine templates using incorrect expression function
PLAT-7931232Increased the maximum allowed image size for images across the platform from 5MB to 20MB
PLAT-6802232Fix issue where CAD Widget does not recognize upper case .STL files
PLAT-6800232If SMS and SMTP are disabled in the configuration, we will not be showing those actions in the UI. Preconfigured triggers will be accompanied by a warning tooltip that prompts the user to remove the action.
PLAT-6731232A new trigger will not prompt you to confirm its delete if you have not made edits to the trigger, i.e. added conditions, actions, or transitions.
PLAT-6502232Hitting escape several times when exiting the trigger dialogue no longer causes multiple confirm pop ups to appear
PLAT-13133LTS8Add support for rendering deprecated date widgets on form steps in Completions.
PLAT-13080LTS8Fixed an issue where the Player was prevented from logging in if left closed for a long period of time or when switching between Windows accounts.
PLAT-13073LTS8The connectors of imported apps do not break upon importing an app with an already existing function.
PLAT-13065LTS8Improves rendering of completion error alert emails to accurately capture objects.
PLAT-13036LTS8Fixes an issue that was preventing an api bot's name from showing up in the newsfeed when using the delete record endpoint.
PLAT-12984LTS8Fix issue in the Record History widget where process data (e.g. variables) were displayed in the wrong step. This issue could happen only when using the "Save All App Data" and the "Go to Step" action in the same trigger.
PLAT-12866LTS8The base string of an HTTP connector function is properly sanitized and prepared for URI-compliance whereas the input variables to be interpolated are properly saved from this process.
PLAT-12825LTS8Fix bug of player dropping machine events when connection is lost.
PLAT-12774LTS8Snapshot modal does not display the publish warning
PLAT-12716LTS8Corresponding app version is now correctly displayed on the readonly connector page
PLAT-12681LTS8Mutable connector warnings are now correctly displayed regardless of app snapshots
PLAT-12653LTS8Fixes an issues that prevented activity records from populating the recent activity panel.
PLAT-12646LTS8Ensures that the emails sent as a result of completions errors show the values of all variables.
PLAT-12564LTS8Bug fix for styles in ListItem buttons
PLAT-12542LTS8Bug fix for undefined connector function input variables causing the testing or running of a given function to return an internal server error of error code 500.
PLAT-12526LTS8Disabled table links in newsfeed records when table is archived and enabled it when table is restored. Modified error handling for ddm fetching for hydrating news feed records.
PLAT-12483LTS8Fix small bug where the where used information on the connectors page is not showing the correct usages when filtering on connectors.
PLAT-12478LTS8The actual connection status of immutable connectors is now properly shown on the UI.
PLAT-12424LTS8Connector where used information is now fetched one by one in an async manner. If the where used information for one connector is fetched, it is immediately shown on the UI, while others might still load.
PLAT-12373LTS8Remove duplicate newsfeed events from pages that don't have an associated workspace
PLAT-12362LTS8Read-only Connectors: "Read-only" text in the notification banner is now in bold as per designs.
PLAT-12318LTS8Make query for connector where used more efficient.
PLAT-12299LTS8When viewing an immutable connector function, now the following issues are fixed: "Add description" label was mistakenly displayed. Extractor field for http functions are now read-only to avoid confusion.
PLAT-12246LTS8Fix bug where a connector function was not able to run if the connectorsReadonly feature flag was turned on.