Release Notes

This page provides a list of changes for the LTS8 release. Changes from prior releases are not shown.

"Release Notes" document each new improvement in functionality in the Tulip product.

It exhaustively documents changes to:

  • The Tulip product i.e.

It provides partial documentation for:

  • The Tulip Player

It does not include documentation on:

  • Tulip IoT Gateway, EdgeMC or EdgeIO

Here's an explanation of each column below.

Unique ID: The ID provides a unique reference to the functionality that was merged into the product. The format was changed to ABC-1234 in LTS7 to directly link the numbering from the tickets used internally for development. The prior ID is maintained as a cross reference in LTS7 and will be removed in LTS8.

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. I.E. r199

Release Notes: A brief description of the change.

Type of Change: Chosen from one of three options-

Feature Enhancement: A new capability within an existing feature.

New Feature: An entirely new feature with functionality independent of all existing features.

Feature Deprecated: A feature that was removed and will no longer be supported.

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the changes are reflected. In many cases, Product Specs will not be updated due to bug fixes or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

User Requirements: The URS IDs to which an change relates.

Unique IDReleaseRelease NotesType of ChangeImplemented By
PLAT-8992223First release of Custom Widgets. This allows users (with appropriate role) to create Widgets via HTML, JS and CSS that can be used in Apps by any Tulip User. Initially behind a feature flag, invite only. (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-8626223Included the metadata fields "Date Created" and "Date Updated" to the table fields selectable in the analysis editor. This eliminates the need to add additional datetime fields to manually store the same information for use in analyses. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8546223Connection to OPC UA server now has full support for different security modes & security policies. Added anonymous & X.509 as authentication methods to authenticate to an OPC UA server. This introduces a set of security features & new authentication methods that will enable customers to connect to their OPC UA server as per their company policies.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8511223Added the option to choose the reference field for the "DATE RANGE" setting of tables analyses from "Date Created" and "Date Updated". This enables to use table analyses in a more effective way when records are regularly updated instead of new records created. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8510223Added time scale representation of datetimes values on the x-axis in table analysis One Operation chart and the option to switch to the previous standard ordinal/ordered in a new "X Axis Scaling" option into the "Display" menu. The new time scale representation enables to visualize datapoints distanced proportionally to their timestamp difference. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8461223Add "Is Not In" filter function to Table filters. This will return any table field values that do not match any of the items in a provided array.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8352223Aggregations for unique values can now return sorted results.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8333223In the tulip dev player, variables are sorted alphabetically. Searching & Filtering of variables is now possible on the Tulip dev player thus making it easy for users to find variables quickly.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7987223Can now copy and paste machine triggers between Machine Types. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7812223Variable list in App Editor has been re-designed to make creating and managing Variables easier and to conform with other parts of the platform.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7795223Machine Attributes mapped to OPC UA sources will only receive inputs when there are changes in their mapped values. This prevents errant events when writing machine triggers while keeping the data in sync.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7759223Linked Records can now be used to show fields from different Tables in the same App Widget for one-to-one or many-to-one links. Fields for linked records will appear alongside fields from the main table.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7742223Copy / pasting custom label & custom translation widgets should now produce duplicated widgets that are independent from the original widget (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7581223Triggers can now be enabled/disabled for both Apps and Machines. A Trigger that is disabled will not run any logic. Apps can be published with disabled Triggers but will show a warning.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9133224Edge Devices will now show the Ethernet IP address over the WiFi IP address on the Shop Floor.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8055224Added support for definition of custom labels for column headers in Interactive Table widgets, field names in Table Record widgets and property names in Variable widgets showing multiple properties of object variables. This enables overriding the names defined centrally in the table or during the object creation.New Feature
PLAT-7743224A warning appears when switching the default language to one where some translations might be missing. This mitigates the risk of app builders creating a state with missing original language text unintentionally. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7735224Clean up styles in the context pane for button and text widgets (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9730225Timescale representation option for datetime values added to One Operation chart, so that distance between datetime values on the x-axis is shown proportional to their time-difference. This is the new default setting. Histogram added as view option for the One Operation chart. Added optional x-Axis time bucketing for datetime values for table analyses, replacing the need for using expressions. Included the metadata fields "Date Created" and "Date Updated" to the table fields selectable in the analytics editor. This replaces the need for users to add additional fields for those values manually to a table when collecting data. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9541225Allow empty original custom label translations (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9497225Adds additional resolutions for CELOS X Screen sizesFeature Enhancement
PLAT-8611225Display Device Page: Improved table layout to prevent content overlap on narrow screens.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8310225You can now hold the Shift key while dragging widgets in the App Editor to constrain their movement to the up, down, left, and right directions.New Feature
PLAT-8309225Clicking alt/option + drag will create a duplicate widget (or widgets if multiple are selected)New Feature
PLAT-8262225Removed the machineFieldTypes Feature Flag. Machine Attributes will always sync when the data source reports a different value. Previously it was configurable to ignore the first value upon Connector Host restart. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8069225Factory: Adds a Station Group dropdown filter to the list of filters in the Display Devices Page. This filter allows filtering Display Devices whose Stations belong to the specified Station Group.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-4180225Updated empty state of analysis widget to link to analysis picker instead of analytics editor for app analyses. This enables users to choose an existing analyses or create a new analysis of any type more easily.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9024226Added a new detector to Vision for model-based classification. Changes to vision-edge (visiond and vision bridge)New Feature
PLAT-9880226Properly hide password characters in the LDAP windows for the e-signature modal (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9833226Added the ability to deactivate translations for an app. Existing translations can either be archived (and restored later) or deleted completely from the backend. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9721226Display Devices Page: Prevent filter button wobble when filter count changesFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9696226Changed the illustration for "One Operation" analysis template to better represent the related visualization options.Feature Enhancement
UX Standards
PLAT-9693226Improvements to displaying the data point values in One Operation charts grouped by date.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9625226Users can now navigate to Apps from the connector functions page that are using a particular connector function. This enables users to quickly navigate between connectors & Apps.New Feature
PLAT-9623226Users can now do a full text search for connector functions. This allows users to quickly find the connector function they need to work on.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9621226Users can navigate to specific Apps from the connectors page that are using the connector. This enables users to quickly navigate between connectors & Apps.New Feature
PLAT-9619226Users can do a full text search for connectors. This allows users to quickly find the connector they need to work on.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9618226On the Connectors Overview page, connectors can be filtered by the Type of connectors (HTTP/SQL). This allows users to ease the finding of connectors.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9516226Updated wording of various buttons and modals related to the multlingual feature (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9503226Introduces a new modal for app creation which includes a 'from scratch' option and 'from library template' option.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9463226Allow custom timestamps to show up in the e-signature widgetFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9428226Fix tooltip text when missing translations. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9213226Enable users to add a custom footer on the bottom of each page of a printed record history. The content of the footer can be static or come from a variable or a table record.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9161226Display Device Page: Add a "Learn More" link to the empty state that points to the KB article on Display Devices Page.Feature Enhancement
UX Standards
PLAT-8582226Adds a trigger action to copy a provided string to the clipboard.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8512226Added x-axis time bucketing for timestamp fieldsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-8312226Allow multi select scaling(resizing)/rotating of widgets in app editorFeature Enhancement
PLAT-7862226New e-signature widget shows in completions (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7800226Removes date selection for onboarding session signup in the onboarding flow. Replaces this with yes and no signup buttons.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10218227Improved the styling on picking datasources in the app editorFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10144227Improve UI in printing settings of the Record History WidgetFeature Enhancement
UX Standards
PLAT-10073227Improve new user onboarding flowFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9926227Improve connection status indicators for ConnectorsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9896227Factory: Rename "Gateway" to "Edge Device" in stations page and (previously) gateways page and top navigation menu. Change "Gateways" page to "Edge Devices" page including page route.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9792227Improve discoverability of invalid configuration for control chartsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9718227Display Devices Page: Added Filter badges to enable see and clear all active filters more easily.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9705227Hover labels for X axis values grouped by week use Monday-Sunday weeks to be consistent with the rest of the platformFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9632227The activity feed for a Tulip instance now includes adding / archiving / changing connector functions. This enables customers to monitor the activity on connector functions in their Tulip instance.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9631227Add connector creation, deletion, and updating to activity news feedFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9575227Modify icons on the App Editor to increase consistency and clarityFeature Enhancement
PLAT-8634227Variable list in App Editor now has clickable 'Where Used', which allows for easy navigation to where a Variable is referenced within the App.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8518227Added histogram display option to one operation charts for table analyses.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8430227The 'Steps' tab in the App Editor has a new tree for organizing steps. Groups can now be expanded and collapsed and multiple steps can be selected and moved at once. 'Master Layout' has been renamed to 'Base Layout'.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7659227Display Devices Page: Enable editing display devices within the Display Devices page table to change name and station.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10495228Changed the title of the Default Translation Modal from "Translation Missing" to "Add Original Language Text". The former sounded like the customer made a mistake when all they did was try to add a button. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10473228Custom widget code editor is larger, can drag to resize logs view.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10413228Adds native support for 4k (4096 by 2160) portrait and landscape resolution.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10134228Display Devices Page: Added "New Edits" filter to filter for Display Devices that were edited in the current session.New Feature
PLAT-9937228Improve the placement and sizing of images to prevent overlap in the e-signature widgetFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9630228Connector function outputs can now be quickly searched. This reduces the time to find the correct output in case of multiple function outputs at the time of debugging or creating the connector function. The search allows finding sub-fields of object-typed outputs.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9629228Connector function inputs can now be quickly searched by name. This reduces the time to find the correct function input in case of multiple function inputs at the time of debugging or creating the connector function. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9494228Enforce different widget names across steps in an app (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10925229Extended the "Group By" x-axis timebucketing to all analysis types.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10909229Control charts feature available for all customersNew Feature
PLAT-10838229Consistency improvements in regards to line charts and control charts, like the same handling of timestamps with timezones and respecting the show/hide legend, axis ticks, axis name options.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10837229Enabled app translations by default for Enterprise customers. Previously C-team had to turn on a feature flag after the customer made a request. Now it will show up automatically.New Feature
PLAT-10754229Update the buttons for: Font style, text align, vertical align, and column settings in the App Editor; Machine status options and machine timeline options in App Editor; Navigation buttons in the Machines pageFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10704229Custom Widgets: Show descriptions for the whole widget, events, and props in the context pane of the app editor.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10650229Add support for is blank and is not blank on video data types in triggersFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10044229New versions of the App that are published will now use read-only connectors. Changes made to connectors will not impact apps running in production that use connectors. (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-9766229Fixed timezone issue with x-axis group by in Analysis.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9409229Improve error messages when machines fail to authenticateFeature Enhancement
PLAT-7023229A Button can now have an Icon added and the Icon orientation relative to button text specified.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-6715229Removed numbered bubbles from player step for realwear devices. This should clean up the UI and make it less clumsy for people to use voice to interact with tulip player on realwear devices. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11226230Icon to delete connector function inputs and outputs have moved to the right of the input/output fields. This is an alignment change. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11163230Custom widgets has moved from beta to general availability New Feature
PLAT-11144230Signature Widget feature flag is default to trueNew Feature
PLAT-11117230Refactor top settings bar in the analytics editorFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11097230Added UI to duplicate camera configs on the Vision page. Added UI to duplicate IP camera configs on the Vision pageFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10932230New custom widgets come with default CSS that match Tulip appsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10834230Buttons that had icons in them are migrated to the new Button w/ Icon WidgetsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10816230Soft delete machine downtime reasons and machine states so that they still show up in the machine activity history.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10786230Allow additional data types to be used in Show Message and Show Error trigger actions without having to convert them to text.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10042230Existing connector function inputs and outputs can now be added, removed, or modified if they are not being used in an App. This eliminates the need to clone a connector function to edit function inputs and outputs. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9563230Checkbox, single-select, and multi-select can now have triggers attached to them.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11846231Removes the feature that allows the user to view the sensitive fields one can enter in the HTTP connector header. This functionality lives in the connector environment modal.Feature Deprecated
PLAT-11526231There is a new connectors tab on the Account Settings page that is accessible only by the Account Owner role in Tulip. This page allows account owners to override the default behavior of an instance by configuring the instance where connector configuration changes can be propagated to published apps on the shop floor. (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-11414231Disables incompatible apps based on instance version in 'Create App' modalFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11288231With this commit, we are officially releasing Trigger Translations to Enterprise customers. This features allows users to add translations to two specific trigger actions "Show Message", and "Show Error". It also lays the ground work for translating other trigger details in the future, especially static values like Emails or SMS.New Feature
PLAT-11287231Notify user of progress during custom model files uploadFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10827231Newly published apps will now use read-only connectors so that connector supervisors can develop connectors without impacting published apps. (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-10467231Rename 'Copy' trigger action to 'Copy to Clipboard'Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9846231Widgets are now included in the Steps Tab within the App Editor. This allows for better organization and easier selection / ordering of widgets on an App Step. Search is now available as well.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9734231Machine Attributes can now be exported to CSV from the Machines page for the last 12 hours of data. Export includes all attributes from all machines. This enables Machine Attribute data to be imported to other systems for analysis, which was not previously possible. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-3933231When filtering a table in an app, case will now be ignored for certain filter types such as contains, starts with or ends with.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12205232Within the App Editor, the color of the "Run" Button has been corrected to Light Gray (instead of white).Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12195232Send an email to account owners when completions fail to recordFeature Enhancement
PLAT-12116232The Signature Widget supports signing for Table Records. New Feature
PLAT-12105232Factory: Render human readable labels for connector type badge within the attribute group header in the machines page. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11996232Update the Pan/Zoom functionality and lookFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11959232The connector configuration modal will let the users know if the changes made to the configuration will be propagated to published appsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11824232Factory: Update status badge for Edge data source to follow the online status of the edge device and no show server info tooltip or "More option" menu (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-11823232Factory: Remove "Edge Device" option from the "Create Machine Data Source" modal in the "Machine Data Sources" page as Edge Device data source cannot be created manually by the user. (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-11760232Labels can now be added to the Number, Single Select, Multiselect, and Date Picker input widget. This eliminates the need to create and place separate Text widgets as labels.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11757232In Table widgets, enable sorting when the datasource is a variableFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11754232Keyboard focus now automatically moves to the App Name input in the Create App modal. This enables users to create apps from scratch more quickly.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11658232Add a collapsable buttons drawer to app editor with options to enable pan mode, zoom in, and zoom out.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11627232Table creations are now tracked via the Activity History.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11607232Labels can now be added to the Text Input widget. This eliminates the need to create and place separate Text widgets as labels.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11527232Changing connector configuration deployment setting under Account Settings / Connectors now shows up in the activity feed which records what changed, who made the change and when was it changed. (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-11478232Added a new function - ARRAY_INDEX_OF - to the expression editor using which users can find out the first occurrence of a given value in an array.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11346232Existing versions of published Apps will be flagged which are not using a read-only connector. This allows users to identify the versions of those published apps that are vulnerable to connector changes.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11344232Read-only connectors can be quickly accessed from the new resources column in the versions tab of an App. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11322232Extend the Run App button to allow users to start an app from the current step and from the beginningFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11197232App builders are now able to read and test connector functions being used in an App. This would allow app builders to test connectors for debugging their applications.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10952232Enable filtering in Table Widgets when the data source is a variable. This was previously only available when showing Tulip Table data.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10740232Add current time option in editor and in playerFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10530232Table record deletions are now tracked in the Activity History and include the ID of the record that was deleted.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10529232CSV import and exports are now tracked in the Activity History.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10282232Table schema changes are now tracked in the Activity History. This includes rename, description edited, archived, restored, column added, column label edited, column description edited, column archived and column restored.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9596232The table widget can now use multiple columns for sorting and sorting can be changed while running an app. This allows for greater flexibility when working with table data.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9592232Added Close button to analytics editor to allow users to close analytics without saving changes.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9505232Added an eyed dropper tool to the color picker menu in browsers that support it. This makes it easier to pick specific colors when building apps.New Feature
PLAT-9253232Factory: Enable the webviewBarcode feature flag by default.New Feature
PLAT-9247232'Show Error' trigger action is now hidden when building apps if displaying errors has been disabled in the Account Setting.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9231232Show SERs from the Signature Widget within the Record History WidgetFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9136232Add Empty state for factory gateways pageFeature Enhancement
PLAT-8382232Factory: In-product notification banner for "Edge device as Data Source" feature. (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-8058232Users can now configure HTTP Connector function inputs of type text using the custom encoding settings UI. These encodings are saved to the connector function's input parameter once the function is saved. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8057232This allows customers to preview their customized encoding schema on text type function inputs for HTTP connectors. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8056232This allows customers to discover new encoding settings for connector function inputs specifically for text data type. Customers have the flexibility to assign custom encoding on text type function inputs. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-2977232"Complete App Then Change App By Name" transition will not be visible when VALIDATION_MODE is enabled.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12636LTS8Where used query is faster now.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12586LTS8Initialize the connector function page until the query for determining whether the function is being used is running.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12431LTS8Emails sent on completions errors now include the Tulip instance URLFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11523LTS8One can edit the connector config when the automatic config change feature is switched on. The changes will affect all the immutable connectors (Feature Flag)New Feature