Machine Attributes


This page allows users to view a list of all Machine Attributes; view or edit details of a single attribute; delete an attribute; or view a list of Machine Types where the attribute is used.

Model/Page Connections

Machine Attribute


  • A user can create a Machine Attribute by clicking Create Machine Attribute from the header.


  • A user can edit the fields of a Machine Attribute by clicking Edit {attribute name} from the "..." menu.


  • A user can view an attribute's name, data type
  • A user can view a list of Machine Types where the attribute is used and can click the type name to go to the Machine Type Details page for that type.
  • A user can search or filter from the header by name or machine type respectively.


  • A user can delete the Machine Attribute from the "..." menu.


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User Permissions

Creating, editing or deleting on this page may be restricted by the users role.


QA-T114Machine Monitoring : 02 - Machine Attributes
QA-T410Machine Monitoring : 10 - Used Machine Type Aspects can't be Deleted
QA-T657Workspaces : 09 - Machine Types are shared between workspaces
QA-T722Machine Monitoring : 02 / Machine Attributes' name can't be left blank and must be unique
QA-T744Workspaces : 09 - News feed between workspaces
QA-T778New Machine Page : 06 - Machine Attributes


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