Bug Fixes

This page provides a list of merged bug fixes for the LTS9 release. Bug fixes from prior releases are not shown.

Unique ID: The ID provides a unique reference to the functionality that was merged into the product. The format was changed to ABC-1234 in LTS7 to directly link the numbering from the tickets used internally for development. The prior ID is maintained as a cross reference in LTS7 and will be removed in LTS8.

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. I.E. r199

Fix Notes: A brief description of the issue that was fixed.

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the bug fix may have impacted. In many cases, Product Specs will not be impacted by bug fixes based on their scope or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

Unique IDReleaseFix NotesImplemented By
PLAT-12866233The base string of an HTTP connector function is properly sanitized and prepared for URI-compliance whereas the input variables to be interpolated are properly saved from this process.
PLAT-12825233Fix bug of player dropping machine events when connection is lost.
PLAT-12653233Fixes an issues that prevented activity records from populating the recent activity panel.
PLAT-12564233Bug fix for styles in ListItem buttons
PLAT-12542233Bug fix for undefined connector function input variables causing the testing or running of a given function to return an internal server error of error code 500.
PLAT-12526233Disabled table links in newsfeed records when table is archived and enabled it when table is restored. Modified error handling for ddm fetching for hydrating news feed records.
PLAT-12483233Fix small bug where the where used information on the connectors page is not showing the correct usages when filtering on connectors.
PLAT-12478233The actual connection status of immutable connectors is now properly shown on the UI.
PLAT-12424233Connector where used information is now fetched one by one in an async manner. If the where used information for one connector is fetched, it is immediately shown on the UI, while others might still load.
PLAT-12299233When viewing an immutable connector function, now the following issues are fixed: "Add description" label was mistakenly displayed. Extractor field for http functions are now read-only to avoid confusion.
PLAT-12246233Fix bug where a connector function was not able to run if the connectorsReadonly feature flag was turned on.
PLAT-12617233Node-RED: Don't fail if startSampling fails with "already running"
PLAT-12543233Fix text fields being draggable in a non-draggable context
PLAT-12541233Fixes and issue where saving and closing an analysis creates a copy on the dashboard
PLAT-12491233Fix the scrollbar being sometimes empty on the steps tab preventing easy scrolling.
PLAT-12482233Fix issue where sort order changes were not reflected in the app editor
PLAT-12310233Kado: Restart Mender when certificates are added
PLAT-12271233Fixed an incorrect description when deactivating a user while using LDAP Tulip-managed mode.
PLAT-12222233Updated Translations within the Product
PLAT-12215233No anticipated changes. In some rare instances, we might fix an issue where UI makes it look like a user could do an action but it actually fails on server execution.
PLAT-12187233Kado: Fix save button not enabled unless MQTT Config form is touched
PLAT-12165233Removes file links from the news feed records for machine attribute export
PLAT-12152233Connectors page columns are correctly aligned.
PLAT-12138233Fix user select not showing name in the record history widget filter modal
PLAT-12094233SQL connectors using PostgreSql can now contain functions with multiple sql statements
Connector Host
PLAT-11923233Analytics Editor: Enable configuring the Control Chart layer while showing the line chart.
PLAT-11918233Fixes snapshot bug where RPC would time out when snapshots were used without live streaming to Player/Factory.
PLAT-11876233Widget lists inside a duplicated steps will now be collapsed by default when freshly duplicated.
PLAT-11535233Fix issue where linked records restrictions were not applied when running an App in Dev mode.
PLAT-11462233Users now don't lose the multi selected widgets when opening the context menu with right click
PLAT-11432233A bug fix in ExpandAll/CollapseAll button
PLAT-11252233A bug where expired OAuth 2.0 tokens don't refresh on first try is now fixed
PLAT-11251233Connectors using OAuth 2 - Operator now work with the Multi-tenant Connector Host
PLAT-10072233Fixes a UI defect when the X axis configuration is invalid in the analytics editor.
PLAT-9815233Change of design in all Default Buttons and disabled state of Primary Buttons
PLAT-9131233Better Communicate Disabled Trigger Warnings when PublishingNone
PLAT-7614233"Go to Profile" link of existing user error in invitation page now properly redirects the user to the existing user in correct workspace.
PLAT-5714233User can now highlight text with mouse in input fields of the Trigger editor. Previously, this caused the editor window to drag along with mouse movement.
PLAT-12774234Snapshot modal does not display the publish warning
PLAT-12716234Corresponding app version is now correctly displayed on the readonly connector page
PLAT-12681234Mutable connector warnings are now correctly displayed regardless of app snapshots
PLAT-12646234Ensures that the emails sent as a result of completions errors show the values of all variables.
PLAT-12373234Remove duplicate newsfeed events from pages that don't have an associated workspace
PLAT-12362234Read-only Connectors: "Read-only" text in the notification banner is now in bold as per designs.
PLAT-12318234Make query for connector where used more efficient.
PLAT-13183234Fix error when creating new expressions in analytics.
PLAT-12942234Fix a bug with machine attribute events not saving at high data volumes
PLAT-12928234User input in the form of connector input variable names is escaped for regular expression use when exchanging input variable names for the variables' values
Connector Host
PLAT-12781234Continuation of PLAT-12363 (Customers can now filter connectors by specifying the type (Cloud, On-Prem, Edge device) of connector host being used to run the connectors.)
PLAT-12442234Connect Host health check / stability improvements
Connector Host
PLAT-11594234The attribute machine page shows the empty OPCUA node picker for CELOS machines.
PLAT-11126234The runtime type safety of the multi-tenant connector host is improved.
Connector Host
PLAT-11053234Improve performance of text search queries on Tulip Tables
PLAT-10538234Image Upload Widget respects the aspect ratio of image uploaded for static value, copy paste an image and reset aspect ratio button works. It shrinks image size if needed to maintain the ratio in both case. . Reset Aspect Ratio option is hidden if the data source type is variable or ddm record
PLAT-9660234The configuration dialog for HTTP connectors now doesn't accept invalid port number.
PLAT-8101234Add Styles to Not Overflow View Button on Long Table Name
PLAT-7501234Add missing hint when connecting a table to a placeholder, and improve how Table Widgets are rendered when they're not properly set up.
PLAT-7426234Images in the Asset menu are no longer draggable.
PLAT-7296234Single select widget arrow color now matches font color.
PLAT-5410234Ensure Variable Naming Conflicts are communicated in trigger editor
PLAT-13133235Add support for rendering deprecated date widgets on form steps in Completions.
PLAT-13080235Fixed an issue where the Player was prevented from logging in if left closed for a long period of time or when switching between Windows accounts.
PLAT-13073235The connectors of imported apps do not break upon importing an app with an already existing function.
PLAT-13065235Improves rendering of completion error alert emails to accurately capture objects.
PLAT-13036235Add user type of bot for newsfeed records for table related events
PLAT-12984235Fix issue in the Record History widget where process data (e.g. variables) were displayed in the wrong step. This issue could happen only when using the "Save All App Data" and the "Go to Step" action in the same trigger.
PLAT-13060235Array variable widgets scroll when they overflow, and text variable widgets do not.
PLAT-14197235Factory: Remove mongo projection for authenticateImpersonationToken method
PLAT-13837235Fixes Rich Text Migration where color variables referencing colors (that are keys of object variables) were being thrown away.
PLAT-13564235Fixes bug where rich text that references color variables would lose that reference after publishing an app.
PLAT-13237235Revert connector host type filter
PLAT-13140235Fix tile with empty graph when Analysis with forecast gets saved while loading
PLAT-13118235Fixed minor bug where the right click menu in step tabs wouldn't respect the users' selection
PLAT-13109235Fix bug where Table Widgets using a variable's nested property as a datasource were crashing in the editor
PLAT-13013235Graciously handle a null value in array variables used as a datasource for the Table Widget
PLAT-12836235Custom Widgets now has an empty state
PLAT-12785235Datetime picker shows up correctly, and not underneath the editors on connector function page.
PLAT-12777235The user cannot configure the outputs of a saved connector function in the following way: edit the keys of an outputted object.
PLAT-12708235Fixed bug with CSV Import locking up a table when it imports linked records.
PLAT-12663235Fix issue where click to sort did not work on secondary sort columns in developer mode
PLAT-12486235A user can now input a custom domain with either a HTTP or HTTPS protocol. The user will also be alerted if the domain input is not valid.
PLAT-11950235Fix bug where timestamp values edited in dev mode where not properly handled, especially in triggers.
PLAT-10026235Users of Edge devices with UUIDs resembling a number in scientific notation should not have issues getting their device online.
PLAT-9964235Fix styling when viewing a view only trigger.
PLAT-8375235Fix tooltip of DATETIMETOTEXT() function to be more clear.
PLAT-1641235Factory: Fix alignment of Add Permission button's label in Permissions Tab
PLAT-14094236Fixes a crash for application publication and restoration
PLAT-13617236App exporting and app importing with connectors now does not choke on fields with value Nil in Go nor does it propagate the Request field back to Mongo if Nil.
PLAT-13311236Fixes a bug that prevented the Connectors page to appear except for sysadmin roles. Also fixes a bug where the connector status indicator was not working for certain roles (App Builder, App Approver, Viewer With Player Access).
PLAT-13304236Restore text widget bold weight to match existing bold text.
PLAT-13915236Fix issue in Files Rendering that was causing downloading popups to appear unexpectely.
PLAT-13811236Improve error handling when uploading files, and make file extensions check case-insensitive.
PLAT-13803236Fix issue where Date Time settings page was unreachable.
PLAT-13718236Fix flickering issue when STL files are previewed in apps.
PLAT-13691236Fixes a bug causing the login tracker to go into a infinite recursion.
PLAT-13655236Player Mobile: Fix URL not loading from storage on startup
PLAT-13486236Properly unescapes HTML codes when editing a button in the App Editor
PLAT-13410236Improve RabbitMQ health checks.
PLAT-13346236Fix error preventing apps from being published when they contain corrupt widget definitions.
PLAT-13343236Improves performance of loading completions for large datasets
PLAT-13294236This fixes a bug causing an error when accessing player if not logged in
PLAT-13282236The ability for users to be able to edit text widget styling just by clicking on the widget (without having to highlight any text) is restored.
PLAT-13232236Fixes a bug on the connector function editor page that, upon opening the page, showed the wrong environment in the environment selector dropdown.
PLAT-13221236Bugfix, correcting incorrect data field passed to segment event.
PLAT-13044236Fixes the following bug: If the Immutable Connectors feature is on, when viewing a connector function trigger from an already published version of an application, the connector name was mistakenly reported as "deleted".
PLAT-13006236Fix: Gracefully handle inconsistent mongo data for dashboards.
PLAT-12939236Fixed a bug where changing the text of a duplicated widget ended up changing the text of the parent widget as well, if translations were enabled.
PLAT-12832236Empty CHs do not show up in the machine data source configuration
PLAT-11450236Factory: Fix workspace selector image overflow issue
PLAT-10058236Fixes a bug where the switch camera button wasn't showing up on iPad until after a picture was taken the first time the player is loaded on a device.
PLAT-6802236Improve error handling when uploading files, and make file extensions check case-insensitive.
PLAT-935236Improved Schedule and Shifts Page usability by staggering timestamps above and below their respective markers and fixing a bug where timestamps remained in place when scrolling.
PLAT-13831237Fix issue where SAML sign in fails due to an Authentication Context mismatch
PLAT-14574237Fixed an issue calling Zebra printer at a different station.
PLAT-14385237Increase electron event dedupe timeout for Keystroke barcode scanner
PLAT-14375237Fixed an issue in 236 where cross-workspace imports of apps referencing a table with a table link would break. Unfortunately this is more visible now that we are trying to give customers Internal Library which allows them to easily import apps cross workspaces.
PLAT-14351237Fixed a bug wherein SAML logins failed when using display device links.
PLAT-14333237Fixes issue where Bots were not displayed until a new Bot was created
PLAT-14142237Maintains ability to edit text for a text widget in the right sidebar/context pane.
PLAT-14009237Shows popover buttons hidden by the notification menu.
PLAT-13875237Factory: Fix stations app configuration picker to not include archived apps
PLAT-13850237A bugfix for the Connector Function where the page failed to load without an extractor.
PLAT-13839237Fixed an issue where attempting to use the Tulip Google System Administrator login would sometimes show "Google logins are disabled".
PLAT-13834237Bug Fix - The Translation Dropdown within the App Editor now shows languages in their own language, as well as the user's language
PLAT-13833237Fix triggers that used last machine output erroring when a machine attribute is remapped after already being used in triggers.
PLAT-13799237Fixes the restoration of application snapshots and processes which were created before setting the {{connectorsReadOnly}}.
PLAT-13764237App can be published without connector create permissions.
PLAT-13746237Improve performance of queries when using the Machine Activity Table.
PLAT-13682237Fixes bug where text widgets using color variables would not automatically update if/when the color variable's default value changed.
PLAT-13681237Fixes bug where the context pane/right sidebar in the app editor would sometimes lose the styling info associated with text widgets.
PLAT-13643237Fix issue where completions truncated float data in CSV exports
PLAT-13632237Fixed forecast diagnostic issue with positive forecast strategy.
PLAT-13560237Fixed an issue with generating Factory's SSO certificate at startup.
PLAT-13397237Fix issue where User ID would not display properly in the Record History Widget.
PLAT-13251237Updates Node-RED Edge IO analog config node to list the correct burden resistor values for Differential ADC applications.
PLAT-7630237Change in the UI of the split create button when disabled
PLAT-6955237Solve bug, where a user with an update, but no create permission could've created a connector
PLAT-14392238Fixed a bug wherein records could not be added to tables with table links imported to a new workspace.
PLAT-15067238Fixes memory leak and service disruption in go services.
PLAT-14519238A regression is fixed regarding machines pages not loading correctly.
PLAT-14486238The new machine page now loads correctly.
PLAT-14341238Bug fix that fixes broken active state on Tabs component
PLAT-14340238Bug fix that now shows Embedded Library incompatible version at all times
PLAT-14119238Fix bug where restoring an app does not work properly after turning off the connectorsReadonly feature flag
PLAT-14116238Fix 'no return type' in custom widget events not being selectable.
PLAT-13971238Fixes bug where after deleting unused variables, the modal message would reflect outdated information
PLAT-13964238Removed a typo in the app delete process
PLAT-13941238Analytics: Handle edge cases gracefully in label generation.
PLAT-13892238Connector Function page's environment ordering is consistent.
PLAT-13844238Fix issue where changing DNS configuration overwrites existing wifi configuration on Edge Device.
PLAT-13667238Fix bug of always creating new immutable snapshots of connectors on app publish, even if it is not needed.
PLAT-13537238Fixed a problem where an orange exclamation icon pops up when creating some inputs widgets.
PLAT-13488238Fix issue when filtering by Step Name in Record History Widget when eSignature widget is in use.
PLAT-13470238Fix an app completion issue where the presence of a specific unicode character in a variable would prevent storing app data.
PLAT-13463238Fix an issue where an infinite value for an interval would cause an app completion data to not be recorded.
PLAT-12254238Fixed a problem where the email field in user creation used to be case sensitive. Now creating multiple users with the same email address but in different case format will no longer be permitted.
PLAT-11999238Fix a problem which renaming column in Table Analysis.
PLAT-11753238Fix a problem when showing a Table Analysis in the Analytics Builder.
PLAT-10099238Fixes issue with emails not being sent to the publisher of a new app version upon approval (either rejection or acceptance). The approver will not be sent an email.
PLAT-16287LTS9Fix for camera widget occasionally failing to load.
PLAT-16218LTS9Fixes a bug that could prevent Rich Text from properly rendering
PLAT-16122LTS9Fix apps with many connector functions failing to publish
PLAT-15074LTS9Fix issue in Record History widget where app completion data would be attributed to the wrong app step, and given the wrong timestamp
PLAT-15007LTS9Fix Edge Devices page breaking on GovCloud
PLAT-14823LTS9Users of the mobile app can utilize the file widget without getting stuck.
PLAT-14772LTS9Users can scroll on small devices when viewing the main menu in Player.
PLAT-14460LTS9Fix Instances Currently Affected by Corrupt Imported Table Links
PLAT-14377LTS9Fix Rich Text Multilingual Bug