Release Notes

This page provides a list of changes for the LTS9 release. Changes from prior releases are not shown.

"Release Notes" document each new improvement in functionality in the Tulip product.

It exhaustively documents changes to:

  • The Tulip product i.e.

It provides partial documentation for:

  • The Tulip Player

It does not include documentation on:

  • Tulip IoT Gateway, EdgeMC or EdgeIO

Here's an explanation of each column below.

Unique ID: The ID provides a unique reference to the functionality that was merged into the product. The format was changed to ABC-1234 in LTS7 to directly link the numbering from the tickets used internally for development. The prior ID is maintained as a cross reference in LTS7 and will be removed in LTS8.

Release: The specific release of Tulip where this was launched. I.E. r199

Release Notes: A brief description of the change.

Type of Change: Chosen from one of three options-

Feature Enhancement: A new capability within an existing feature.

New Feature: An entirely new feature with functionality independent of all existing features.

Feature Deprecated: A feature that was removed and will no longer be supported.

Implemented By: The Product Specs where the changes are reflected. In many cases, Product Specs will not be updated due to bug fixes or small edge cases that are too specific and unique to document.

User Requirements: The URS IDs to which an change relates.

Unique IDReleaseRelease NotesType of ChangeImplemented By
PLAT-12636233Where used query is faster now.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12586233Initialize the connector function page until the query for determining whether the function is being used is running.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12431233Emails sent on completions errors now include the Tulip instance URLFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11523233One can edit the connector config when the automatic config change feature is switched on. The changes will affect all the immutable connectors (Feature Flag)New Feature
PLAT-12538233Updated Translations within the ProductFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11798233Adds a toggle button to Vision Camera page to enable offline mode. Users can edit regions and detectors for a camera configuration in offline mode, without having to physically connect a camera to Tulip Vision.Feature Enhancement
Vision - General and Old
PLAT-11452233Factory: Adds slide out style two column/panel componentFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11357233Users can now click interactive table widget heads to change column sort orderFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11111233The machines type page will now have a vertical orientation with equally spaced sections for the machine properties and the triggers associated with those types. Users no longer have to make the page editable by clicking on a button and can perform their changes directly on the page. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10294233Users can now use fields like Date Created and Date Updated of Table Records to create conditions or read-only actions in Triggers.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7255233The station name is now included along with the device name in the app menu. This allows users to make easier changes and identify devices quicker on the shop floor.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12890234Initial release of Alerting for Tulip Analytics. Added ability to configure email alerts for new insights identified by a Tulip Analytics layer once per hour to one or multiple Tulip users. This allows to be informed about new insights without having to visually monitor the analysis. Initially, alerting is available for the Control Chart layer and can send alerts for outliers and prominent shifts.New Feature
PLAT-12665234Can now print from a custom widgetFeature Enhancement
PLAT-12549234Newsfeed wording has changed for Automatic publishing of connector configs.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12490234Label text and input widgets are now explicitly linked to increase accessibility.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12073234Added RealWear directives to enable number overlay to the following input widgets: NumberField, TextField, Checkbox, Toggle, and Date Picker.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11900234Improve selection to make the current step more clear in the list of all steps.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11827234Machine Triggers have been moved to the right side panel on the Machine Type page. This is only a change to the interface and does not affect functionality.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11611234Improve discoverability of right click menu for app stepsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11355234Customers can now authenticate their HTTP connectors with OAuth1.0(1-legged flow). This will enable customers to connect with services that support this authentication method and specifically leverage Netsuite's token based authentication which allows tulip to store longer lived access tokens. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11143234Added two date utility functions to the expression editor called ADD_TIME and SUBTRACT_TIME where users can provide a date and a unit of increment/decrement. Example: ADD_TIME(Datetime, 3, 'months'); SUBTRACT_TIME(Datetime, 1, 'week')Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10483234Users can now change the types of triggers (within a context) when editing. For example, when editing an 'on-step-open' trigger, users can change it to be a 'machine' or 'on-step-exit' trigger.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9652234Add step name and/or trigger name to the "1 trigger disabled" message when apps are publishedFeature Enhancement
PLAT-9560234Introducing support for rich text formatting to the Text Widget. Set specific portions of text to Bold, Italics, Underline, or another Color by highlighting desired text. New Feature
PLAT-1884234Scrollbars on array variables in the app player should now always be visible, regardless of MacOS settings (if on a Mac).Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13239235Update Type picker from erasing object properties when switching to an array of objects (and vice versa). This prevents having to recreate the properties of an object.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13236235The connectors of imported apps do not break upon importing an app with an already existing function.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13184235Add a new ISNULL() function to the expression editor (analytics & triggers). This is intended to reduce the need to use NULLIF() in order to do null checks.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13182235Add duplicate action / condition button to trigger editor, making it faster to duplicate a section of a Trigger and make changes.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13003235When the new 'authContext' feature flag is enabled, users can now choose between Username/Password and X.509 Public Key Authentication in the Authentication Context Section on the SAML settings page.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12970235Disable the OAuth 1.0 authentication method if the selected Connector Host has no capability for it.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12911235Improve the stability of Rich Text for translated appsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-12641235Adds new Feature Flag which hides the ability to add new Form Steps so that Form Steps may be hidden by default for new instances. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12307235Changes forecast outlier markers color so that they match with markers on the control chart. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11965235Factory: Show Edge Devices as data sources in machines page (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-9902235Support adding apps to the App Exchange. New Feature
PLAT-9900235App builders in any Workspace can create apps from the App Exchange. Add apps from a new tab within the Create App Modal. Requires the App Exchange feature flag enabled and content previously added to the App Exchange. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8508235Added REGEX_REPLACE() expression for string manipulation in the expression editor.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-8474235Added ISEMPTY() function to expressions to check if an array is empty.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-6440235Users with account management privileges can now update a user's email address. In particular, this allows us to add email addresses to operators so that triggers can send emails to them. It also indirectly allows up to promote operators to viewers, admins, etc as now we have an email to send their welcome email too. Operators are still required to use the welcome email to create a password before they can log in to "Factory"; however, this does not prevent them from using the Player in any way.New Feature
PLAT-8504236Added a new event to input components in the app editor that can fire triggers when the enter key is pressed.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13638236Documents can now be stored in Tulip Tables This includes PDF, XLSX, DOCX, STEP and more. Files can be uploaded directly to a Table or from an App. In addition, a new File Widget can be used to view files directly in an app in many cases. In other cases, the file can be downloaded or opened in another program. This also removes the 'fileInTables' feature flag and this feature is now available to everyone.New Feature
PLAT-13275236Cosmetic change to standard buttons on App Analytics page.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13010236Adds support for over 20 new languages.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13008236Updates and Improves Translations around the App EditorFeature Enhancement
PLAT-12613236Users can capture Mitutoyo caliber measurements on EdgeMC devices.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12186236Support files fields in analyticsNew Feature
PLAT-12056236App Overview Page is updated to include the ability to add an app description. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11832236Tulip Tables can now store files via the new 'File' data type.New Feature
PLAT-11821236Added the ability to change the title font size in the analysis widget and the content font size if the widget is showing a table-style analysis. This allows to better adapt the analysis representation to the rest of the app.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10374236Added a menu to the variable modal that allows users to delete all unused variables in a single action.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10115236Display warnings on Machine Configuration tab for mapped Edge Device tags that are out of date (deleted or changed type since being mapped).Feature Enhancement
PLAT-7447236CELOS X: adds functionality to request side- or full- screen via app triggers. Behind CELOS X feature flag. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13934237Support picking a static file as a datasource in trigger.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13914237Added support for displaying Online Record Numbers for Chinese instances as well as links to relevant government websites.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13782237Deprecated App Analysis features "Show Target Cycle Time”, “Show X Axis Cycle Time” and “Show Y Axis Cycle Time” in the analytics editor.Feature Deprecated
PLAT-13710237Users see a well proportioned app icon on Android phones.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13690237Spaces are added between workspaces roles when creating a multi-workspace user. This brings better visual clarity. Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13636237Added minimum data set length for quality assessment for forecasting. (Feature Flag)Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12757237Users can open the settings drawer in the mobile app from the menu in Player.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11592237Full table descriptions are now shown on the tables pageFeature Enhancement
PLAT-11575237Make the "Link To" table dropdown searchable when creating a new linked record column in a table.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11241237Allow users to edit the label & description of the ID field in Tables.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-10706237Harmonize keyboard event based barcode scanner between browser and desktop players appsFeature Enhancement
PLAT-14464238Remove option to disable Edge Device autoupdates for non-enterprise and non-Tulip pricing plansFeature Enhancement
PLAT-14054238Users on iOS are greeted with an informational splash screen.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13927238Electron: Allow opening folders in the open file trigger.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-13511238Adds site settings for Edge Device auto updates and maintenance window.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-12786238Added an Export feature to the sysadmin-only Feature Flags page.New Feature
PLAT-12438238The NetSuite authentication is enabled for all customers by default.New Feature
PLAT-12052238The Development mode settings can be found under Connectors in the Accounts settings pageFeature Enhancement
PLAT-12014238Default button widgets have better styling, specifically including bigger and bolder fonts, and a wider default width. This affects newly created button widgets, not existing ones.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11885238Allows the user to insert new Tulip Table columns to the left or right of existing columns, instead of online on the right edge of the table.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11560238Fix header row and first columns of tables so that they stay on screen when scrolling down / right the table.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11373238Tulip Tables now support adding a column of type 'Station', which allows for any Station to be referenced in a Table.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-11285238Factory: Show station status in station navigation rowFeature Enhancement
PLAT-10998238The new machine page is switched on for all customers by defaultNew Feature
PLAT-9369238Add column counts to the table information panel.Feature Enhancement
PLAT-14566LTS9Enable "Complete App Then Change App By Name" app transition for instances in Validation Mode. This was not previously possible when the 'ValidationMode' feature flag was enabled.Feature Enhancement