Table Record

A Table Record, sometimes called a table row, represents a single object in a table. This object can be anything, but is constrained in that its properties correspond with the fields for this table (see Table Fields for details). Table records correspond with the database concept of a record.


Because table fields are generated by the user, tables records can have essentially any set of properties a user wants. The only exception is that every record must have an ID field (see Table Fields for details).

Unique IDA unique text ID for the table record, determined when it is initially created
FieldsAll possible fields that can be edited for the record, determined by the active Table Fields within the Table
Deletion StatusA boolean that determines whether the record is active or deleted
Date CreatedWhen the record was created
Date UpdatedWhen the record was last updated


  • Users can add a new record by clicking the Create Record button on the Table Editor page (see Table Editor doc for details). When creating a record, the ID field is required and must be unique. Other fields are optional, but must be of the specified type if included.
  • Users can remove a record by right clicking it on the Table Editor page (see Table Editor doc for details). Records deleted this way are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.
  • Users can update existing records at any time from the Table Editor page (see Table Editor doc for details). Users can update any field except the ID field.


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PLAT-8934 (197)Ability to collaborate on definition of models including ability to simultaneously author/change model definition for equipment, material and production.