A Tulip Table is a simulated database table that the user can create and edit in order to store complex data. The fields are user created and completely customizable except for a required ID field (see Table Field for more details).

It contains the following Models:

Tulip Table Metadata

NameThe display name for the table
DescriptionShort description of the table added by the user
Last ModifiedA timestamp of the last time someone edited the table shape. Adding or editing a row does not count.
AppsThe apps that reference the table
Hidden“Deleting” the table in the UI only soft deletes it. Tables that are soft deleted can later be restored.
Created ByThe user that initially created the Table
Created AtThe date and time that the Table was initially created
Deleted ByThe user that deleted the Table
Deleted AtThe date and time that the Table was deleted


QA-T80Table Management : 01 - Create a table
QA-T81Table Management : 02 - Delete a table
QA-T82Table Management : 03 - Restore a deleted table
QA-T83Table Management : 04 - Edit a table's name and description
QA-T84Table Management : 05 - Add columns to a table
QA-T85Table Management : 06 - Edit a table column
QA-T86Table Management : 07 - Edit a table column description
QA-T87Table Management : 08 - Delete a table column
QA-T88Table Management : 09 - Restore a deleted table column
QA-T89Table Management : 10 - Reorder table columns
QA-T90Table Management : 11 - Resize table columns
QA-T92Table Management : 12 - Create table records from the table detail page
QA-T93Table Management : 13 - Sort table records by column in table view
QA-T94Table Management : 14 - Load multiple pages of table records in table view
QA-T241Embedded Tables : 01 - Embed a Tulip Table in an app
QA-T242Embedded Tables : 02 - Sort an embedded table
QA-T243Embedded Tables : 03 - Connect an embedded Tulip Table to a Table record
QA-T244Embedded Tables : 04 - Filter an embedded table
QA-T245Embedded Tables : 05 - Handle deleted fields in embedded tables
QA-T246Embedded Tables : 06 - Handle a Tulip Table change in an embedded table
QA-T396Widgets - Digital History Record Widget
QA-T397Table Links : 01 - Creating Table Links
QA-T398Table Links : 02 - Linking Records via Details Page
QA-T399Table Links : 03 - Linking Records via App Triggers
QA-T400Table Links : 04 - Deleting Linking Columns
QA-T464Tables CSV Import : 01 - Import to table
QA-T466Tables CSV Import : 02 - Import feature data handling
QA-T467Tables CSV Import : 03 - Import from export
QA-T570Table Queries : 01 - Create, Edit, Delete a Query
QA-T571Table Queries : 02 - Query Configuration
QA-T572Table Queries : 03 - Create, Edit, Delete an Aggregation
QA-T573Table Queries : 04 - Aggregation Configuration
QA-T700Table Queries : 02 / Query for an Archived Field
QA-T702Table Management : 05 / Table Columns must be named
QA-T704Table Management : 01 / Table name cannot be blank
QA-T705Table Management : 06 / Table Columns labels cannot be blank and ID cannot be edited
QA-T712Embedded Tables : 07 - Pagination in an embedded table
QA-T715Table Management : 04 / Cannot leave table name blank on edit
QA-T716Table Management : 12 / Table Record Data Validation
QA-T721Table Queries : 03 / Can't edit a saved Aggregation without clicking 'Edit'


PLAT-8842 (185)Ability to define quantity and capacity constraints for equipment
PLAT-8898 (178)Provide a configurable multi-level material tracking for batch, lot, plate/tray, well, unit, flask.
PLAT-8900 (136)BOM shall include definition of quantities and UOM for each BOM element